Omar Ybarra


Omar Ybarra is a Colorado native who has been working in masonry since he was a child.  As a second generation mason he learned of the trade when he was still a young boy.  Helping his dad on many residential projects.   At age seventeen he began working for a commercial masonry contractor in northern Colorado and in the period of eight years he became the lead estimator and project manager that handling large projects and over a hundred employees.  The experience and relationships previously established helped Omar create and grow Division IV in short period of time.  Omar really enjoys providing quality masonry projects that will be around for years into the future.

Israel Ybarra


Israel Ybarra is a Colorado native who also began his masonry career at the age of 17 and has worked exclusively in the commercial market.  His extensive experience in this arena provides the knowledge for correctly installing all types of masonry.  He really enjoys outdoor activities like Camping, trail riding and dirt biking, he also is a dedicated family man who understands the priority of a family.  Through out the year Israel will be found participating in sports with his two boys and also assists in coaching.  .

Tyson Tabler


Having grown up with a construction background, Tyson quickly became intrigued by the masonry trade. He has since been involved with masonry for over 20 years with experience in field supervision, estimating, project management and design-build. With a wide variety of masonry projects on his resume, there is not a project out there that he is not willing to take on! Tyson enjoys the outdoors with his wife and three boys in the summer months as well as operating an outfitting business in the winter months.

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